appliances1Your kitchen appliances are responsible for two factors within your kitchen: they determine exactly what your kitchen will be capable of, and they also allow you stamp your own personality into the design.
It’s important that your new Kitchen Koncepts kitchen not only looks good, but makes cooking a pleasure. That’s why we include the best appliances to compliment our kitchen designs. With brand names such as Neff, Bosch, Kuppersbusch, Teka and Rangemaster in our range, Kitchen Koncepts Kitchens brings you appliances that are both stylish and dependable

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[pane title=”Oven”] 4080steam_oven_openAs the saying goes “Behind every great man, there is an even greater woman”. The same goes for the kitchen, “Behind every great cook, there is a great oven!” Our kitchens will help you choose an oven that enables you to get the most out of your recipies. We have a wide range of single, double and range cookers, as well as the latest steam ovens. You can choose traditional or modern styling to match your kitchen design. Cook up a storm with our selection ovens from AEG, Zanussi, CDA and more… [/pane]
[pane title=”Hobs”] ATAG_SFEER_HG1111MDAYour hob is one of the appliances you use most often. You need a set of hobs that you can rely on. Kitchen Koncepts  has a variety of options to suit all budgets – gas, ceramic and induction. Gas hobs are still popular but the latest induction hobs are very stylish and extremely efficient. .[/pane]
[pane title=”Extractor Hoods”] OM-Mini-OM-extractor-hood-elicaClear the air! We have a great selection of top-of-the-range extractors. An extractor hood is one of the most visible kitchen appliances, so your choice will have a big effect on the overall look of your new kitchen. We have extractor hoods that will suit all kitchens, and providing ventilation as well as plenty of style. [/pane]
[pane title=”Dishwashers”] simenYou want your dishes to be perfectly clean, but you don’t need to use lots of water. When you wash your dishes by hand, you can use 40 to 60 litres of water – kitchen Koncetps  has dishwashers that use as little as 9 litres per wash helping you to save water and save time washing up by hand. [/pane]
[pane title=”Microwaves”] showimageThe Siemens built-in microwave co-ordinates beautifully with the complete Siemens range and includes 5 microwave power levels.[/pane]

[pane title=”Fridges and Freezers”]fridge freezer picYou need your fridge and freezer to chill all of your ingredients, without wasting energy in the process. Many of Everest’s fridges and freezers are rated ‘A+’ which means they use up to 25% less energy than ‘A’ rated products.[/pane]